Mother’s Day 2023 Top Jewellery Trends

As we approach Mother’s Day, many people are looking for the perfect gift to show their appreciation for the special women in their lives. Jewellery is one of the most popular gift choices for Mother’s Day, and every year, there are new trends and styles that emerge.


Here are some of the top jewellery trends for Mother’s Day 2023 from Carl Christopher the Jewellers, Lytham:


Personalised Jewellery

Personalised jewellery has been a popular trend for several years, and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s becoming even more popular as people seek to give gifts that are unique and meaningful.

Personalised jewellery can include engraved names, dates, or special messages. Birthstone jewellery is also a great option for a personalised gift.

Bold and Chunky Pieces

This year, bold and chunky jewellery is making a comeback. Statement necklaces, oversized earrings, and bold bracelets are all great options for Mother’s Day gifts.

These pieces are perfect for women who love to make a statement with their jewellery and who aren’t afraid to stand out.

Natural Stones and Materials

In 2023, there is a growing trend towards using natural stones and materials in jewellery design. This includes gemstones like amethyst, turquoise, and citrine, as well as materials like wood, leather, and horn.

Natural materials give jewellery a unique and organic feel, and they’re a great choice for women who love nature and the outdoor

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are another popular trend this year. Layering necklaces of different lengths and styles can create a beautiful and unique look.

It’s also a great way to mix and match different pieces of jewellery that have sentimental value.

Mixed Metals

Mixing metals is another trend that’s gaining popularity in 2023. Combining gold, silver, and rose gold in one piece of jewellery is a great way to create a unique and modern look.

Mixed metal jewellery is perfect for women who like to experiment with different styles and don’t want to stick to one metal colour.

Minimalist Designs

For those who prefer a more understated look, minimalist jewellery is always in style. Simple and elegant designs in gold or silver are perfect for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down.

Minimalist jewellery is also great for layering, so it’s a versatile choice for any wardrobe.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a classic jewellery staple that never goes out of style. This year, they’re making a comeback in a big way.

Oversized hoops are especially popular, as they can add a touch of drama to any outfit. Hoop earrings are a great gift for women of all ages, and they’re perfect for both casual and dressy occasions.

Vintage-Inspired Designs

Vintage-inspired jewellery is always a popular choice, and it’s especially on-trend this year. Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles are particularly popular, as they have a timeless and elegant feel.

Vintage-inspired jewellery is perfect for women who appreciate classic and romantic styles.

Sustainable and Ethical Jewellery

As more people become conscious of their impact on the environment and society, sustainable and ethical jewellery is becoming increasingly popular. These pieces are made from eco-friendly materials, and the workers who make them are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions. Sustainable and ethical jewellery is a great choice for women who care about making a positive impact on the world.


Why not gift Mum a unique piece of jewellery that symbolises love, gratitude and appreciation from Carl Christopher the Jewellers, Lytham this Mother’s Day?


Whether you choose personalised jewellery, bold and chunky pieces, natural stones and materials, layered necklaces, mixed metals, minimalist designs, hoop earrings, vintage-inspired designs, or sustainable and ethical jewellery, the most important thing is to choose a gift that’s meaningful and reflects the recipient’s unique personality.